What we offer

What we do

We are a full service gifting company that assist clients from the beginning to end to fulfill their gifting needs starting with creation of the design, sourcing gift contents, gift assembly, and shipping and delivery. The main gifting occasions  include corporate, weddings and holidays.


Every client has different needs, so pricing varies based on the requirements of your project.

Corporate Gifting

The best way to interact and show appreciation to employees, customers and clients is with a gift.

Corporate gifting can help you:
  • Build and maintain your relationships
  • Enhance your company’s reputation
  • Break physical distance barriers
  • Reinforce everyone’s value in your company
  • Make you stand out from your competition

Wedding Gifting

We understand people taste with their eyes first, so our artful creations are designed to create a positive experience that expands far beyond the ceremony and mere entertainment; an experience that’s shared, lived, and felt by everyone present. We help couples share gifts that break the barriers between what is created and experienced and present to guests something that inspires us beyond ourselves.